Every project at GrowthKnight starts with a thorough audit and analysis, followed by the drafting of a scope of work document or SEO Service Contract. This is done to ensure that everyone involved is fully aware of the work that has to be done and to remove any chance of project cancellations, reversals, or disagreements.

All cancellation requests should be sent to our accounts and billing department, which typically responds within 8–10 days. Requests for cancellations made by phone, fax, email, or direct mail are all accepted. Until you receive an email confirmation from the billing department, your request is not considered to be valid. This email or phone number is evidence of the cancellation.

A refund for work already completed or services used is not available because it takes time to reach each milestone and finish each module. However, the client is free to terminate the subscription at any time by giving written notice 10 days before the next payment period.

Every one of our projects adheres to a unique contract that is appropriate for that project. For further details on the refund policy, consult the specific SEO contract.

Refunds for canceled services are not guaranteed. Only the terms in the agreement signed by the client will be taken into account by the business. Refunds are not available for transaction fees, money spent on search engine expenses, supplied services, or other unrecoverable fees.


At any time and without prior warning, we retain the right to modify and make changes to these terms and conditions.