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Conquer Your Competition Through Hyper-Targeted Link-Building Campaigns

GrowthKnight’s link-building is not about scoring individual links that meet a certain metric but about building a strong organic link profile with proven link-earning tactics. We leverage a holistic approach of scoring links organically by creating linkable assets and running personalized outreach campaigns.

Facing Link Building Difficulties?

If you are struggling with any of the problems listed below, the maestros of organic link building at GrowthKnight can come to your rescue. Our team has years of expertise in organic backlink earning and Digital PR strategies. We have helped scores of clients in competitive niches multiply their traffic through high-quality organic links!

  • 1
    A Weak Backlink Profile
  • Difficulty Scoring Relevant Links
    Difficulty Scoring Relevant Links
  • Hard to Beat Competition
    Hard to Beat Competition
  • Low Domain Rating
    Low Domain Rating
  • Lack of Time Resources to Build Links
    Lack of Time/Resources to Build Links
  • Lack of In-House Expertise
    Lack of In-House Expertise
  • Disappointing Keyword Rankings
    Disappointing Keyword Rankings
  • Declining Organic Search Traffic
    Declining Organic Search Traffic
  • Negative Experience with Link Buying Agencies
    Negative Experience with Link Buying Agencies

Want to Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing?

Get a Data-Backed SEO Strategy

What Our Link Building Service Includes

Link building is a crucial component of building domain authority and achieving SEO success. However, most agencies rely on buying links which violates Google’s guidelines. Our link building and Digital PR team can help you develop linkable content and run personalized outreach campaigns to naturally score links from niche-relevant authoritative websites.

Expert Outreach

Quality Backlinks

Reporting & Analytics

Our Customized Workflow

Understanding Your Business

Understanding your goals, marketing strategies currently in place, and other things to assess whether we are a good fit.

In-Depth SEO & Link-Profile Audit

We will thoroughly assess the quality of your content, keyword/on-page optimization, linkable assets, and current link profile and opportunities to generate a detailed roadmap.

Action Plan with Timeline and Predefined Deliverables

Depending on your goals and our audit findings, we will provide a detailed action plan. It will clearly define the deliverables, such as linkable content creation, outreach campaign(s) timeline, and scope and limitations of the campaign(s), and lay down the timeline of the whole project.

Contract Signing and Onboarding

Once you approve our plan, we will onboard you into our client portal, communication methods, analytics dashboard, reporting modality, and more.


Implementing the Plan

After you are fully onboarded, we will start implementing the plan while you focus on your business and see it grow. 


Report, Review, and Reinforce

Once we start implementation, we will give you access to an exclusive analytics dashboard and provide you insightful monthly reports. We will leverage the tactics that work best and double down on them.

Confident about the Process, Proud of the Results

Sit Tight, Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

What to Expect
We know that you needed to be at the top of the ladder yesterday but it’s better late than never. Now that you’ve put your trust in Growth Knight, we’ll stay with you at every step and take you to your destination. It’s definitely going to take some time and effort but we’ll make it happen come rain or shine.

Results Timeline

Month One
Month Two – Five
Month Month Six – Nine

Our Personalized Audit Report = Your Ticket to Success

  • Website User Experience Analysis
    Website User Experience Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
    Competitor Analysis
  • On-Page Content Optimization Analysis
    On-Page Content Optimization Analysis
  • Backlink Profile Analysis
    Backlink Profile Analysis
  • Expert Recommendations
    Expert Recommendations

Get our custom SEO Audit worth $1,000 for free! Unlock insights & Recommendations most paid audits miss.

  • Mobile Friendliness Analysis
    Mobile Friendliness Analysis
  • Call-to-action Analysis
    Call-to-action Analysis
  • Content Gap Analysis
    Content Gap Analysis
  • Google My Business Profile Audit
    Google My Business Profile Audit
  • Strategic Action Plan & Timeline
    Strategic Action Plan & Timeline
Why Choose GrowthKnight

Result Driven Methods

Our overall strategy, approach, and all our methods are uniquely crafted to ensure your business achieves the best outcomes always.

Innovation & Creativity

In addition to tried and tested best practices, continual innovation and creative hacks are at the forefront of our efforts.


Tailor-Made Solutions

You may be facing challenges that are unique to your business. All our solutions are carefully crafted to solve your unique problems.

Trusted Partner

Customer satisfaction is the KPI that we care about the most. We value long-term partnership over short-term profit maximization.

Reporting Dashboard

All our clients get access to an interactive reporting dashboard that contains real-time analytics of ongoing initiatives.


Monthly Updates

We provide monthly reports containing key performance indicators, progress of ongoing projects, and next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are concise yet comprehensive answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our services, processes, values, the benefits of SEO, and much more.

Link building refers to the process of securing links from other influential websites to your website. These links help enormously towards getting you higher traffic, greater domain authority, and higher search engine rankings, among other things. 

There are a number of ways to build links, including:

  • Guest blogging
  • Broken link building
  • Link reclamation
  • Skyscraper technique
  • Shotgun technique
  • Resource link building
  • Forum and blog comments
  • Article submission
  • Directory submission
  • Social bookmarking
  • Paid links

The cost of link building depends on many factors such as The number of link worthy contents available on your website, how optimized they are and your website authority. Before commencing a project, GrowthKnight analyzes all the factors for your website and actions needed to achieve the desired goal. We strive for as transparent pricing as possible in the report. Schedule a meeting with us to get the action plan for your business.

Link building, if done effectively and strategically, should start to show some results within the first 2-3 months. However, it might take a bit longer to witness significant yields, say, around 6 months or so. 

While we offer link-building and content marketing services separately, we specialize in Managed SEO, which takes over all aspects of SEO for your business and handles everything just like an in-house webmaster or SEO team. In addition to being the most effective way of ensuring great SEO results over the long-run, this service also ensures the best value for your money. 

While there is no fixed timeline when it comes to SEO results, you can generally expect to start seeing noticeably significant results after 6 months. However, you might start seeing results even sooner since it totally depends on the condition of your website. Once we do a complete audit of your website, we can provide a better estimation of the timeline required to achieve your goals. Schedule a free consultation with us today to learn how soon you can start seeing results if you invest in SEO

Yes, of course. We take pride in our ability to find the best possible strategies for our clients in accordance with their budget and resources. To determine the best possible strategy, we need to understand your business and goals first. Schedule a free consultation with us today so that we can learn about your business and come up with the best SEO strategy for you.

Link building has many benefits, most notable of which are:

  • Higher traffic 
  • Higher domain authority and credibility
  • Higher search engine rankings
  • Greater brand awareness and reputation
  • More opportunities to network and build relationships with others within your niche

There are two main types of links:

  • Dofollow links: These links pass “link juice” to your website, that is to say, counts towards the strength of your link profile. 
  • Nofollow links: These links do not pass “link juice” to your website, meaning, they don’t affect the strength of your link profile. 

Simply put, when it comes to achieving domain authority, dofollow links help, whereas, nofollow links don’t count.

Link building is not a risk-free process; in fact, it is mired in risks. Thus, you must tread carefully and not engage in blackhat techniques. For instance, you can run the risk of getting penalized by search engines if you use blackhat techniques. Furthermore, link building can become a waste of your time and money if you don’t do it strategically. To help you avoid these risks, Growth Knight’s custom link building service takes a long-term approach that is geared towards yielding results for you in an organic way over a long period of time. 

We don’t offer refunds for services that we have already delivered. However, if there are any deliverables that you have already paid for but we haven’t delivered, then we will refund the partial amount for the undelivered deliverables. Read our refund policy for more details.

With us, you can leave the management of your SEO work to us. However, we will be more than happy to collaborate with your in-house team of SEOs and/or developers.

We work in almost every niche. However, we are more specialized in serving businesses that provide real goods and services. Furthermore, there are some niches where we don’t work, such as gambling, adult entertainment, niches that promote drugs and/or alcohol, niches that involve illegal activity, and a few others. Please contact us to be sure whether we can work for your business.

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