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Content That Tells Your Story!

GrowthKnight’s holistic content marketing strategy service can help you create valuable informational content that attracts and engages more of your target audience, puts your brand on the top of their minds, and helps you convert more customers.

Struggling to Produce Content That Engages Your Audience?

High-quality content doesn’t produce itself. And trust us, AI isn’t much good either. So if you’re facing some of the common content marketing challenges listed below, our team of expert content strategists bring the right combination of creativity and analytical prowess to help take your brand to your target audience.

  • Declining Stagnant Organic Search Traffic
    Declining/Stagnant Organic Search Traffic
  • High Bounce Rate
    High Bounce Rate
  • Not Getting Enough Inquiries
    Not Getting Enough Inquiries
  • Low Conversion Rate
    Low Conversion Rate
  • Low Session Duration
    Low Session Duration
  • Not Ranking for Enough Relevant Keywords
    Not Ranking for Enough Relevant Keywords
  • Poor Brand Recall
    Poor Brand Recall
  • Not Earning Organic Links
    Not Earning Organic Links
  • Lack of Alignment Between Content & Overall Marketing
    Lack of Alignment Between Content & Overall Marketing

Want to Take the Guesswork Out of Marketing?

Get a Data-Backed SEO Strategy

What Our Content Marketing Service Includes

While AI can promise you content creation at scale, it can offer neither strategic direction nor subject matter authority. Our content marketing service offers strategic planning, in-depth keyword research, content optimization, and consistent publication of visually rich and authoritative original content.

Comprehensive Content Audit

Our data-driven approach first evaluates your existing content library and how it stacks against competitors to discover untapped opportunities.


All-Encompassing Content Strategy

Based on your goals and how your content library stands against competitors, we will craft a content strategy to help you beat your competitors in search engine visibility.

Relevant Keyword Research

Based on our audit and strategy, we will conduct in-depth keyword research to ensure your content is optimized to rank for the most important keywords.

Existing Content Optimization

Based on the findings of our audit report, we will ensure that all the content on your website is fully optimized for the keywords you are targeting.
local optimization

Content Funneling & Mapping

While optimizing old content, we also focus on topic discovery, strategic content funneling and mapping, and creation of definitive content to help you rank higher.

100% Original, AI-Proof, Authoritative Content

We guarantee all of our content will be 100% original and authoritative content written by niche experts whose depth even AI will have a hard time matching.
Our Customized Workflow

Understanding Your Business

Understanding your goals, marketing strategies currently in place, and other things to assess whether we are a good fit.

In-Depth On-Page and Content Audit

We will systematically assess and analyze all the content on your website, conduct thorough keyword research, and see where you stand in the light of your business goals and brand identity.

Action Plan with Timeline and Predefined Deliverables

Based on your requirements and our audit reports, you will get a detailed strategic plan including tactics, timeline, budget, and expected results.

Contract Signing and Onboarding

Once you approve our plan, we will onboard you into our client portal, communication methods, analytics dashboard, reporting modality, and more.

Implementing the Plan

After you are fully onboarded, we will start implementing the plan while you focus on your business and see it grow.

Report, Review, and Reinforce

Once we start implementation, we will give you access to an exclusive analytics dashboard and provide you insightful monthly reports. We will leverage the tactics that work best and double down on them.

Confident about the Process, Proud of the Results

Sit Tight, Leave the Heavy Lifting to Us

What to Expect
We know that you needed to be at the top of the ladder yesterday but it’s better late than never. Now that you’ve put your trust in Growth Knight, we’ll stay with you at every step and take you to your destination. It’s definitely going to take some time and effort but we’ll make it happen come rain or shine.

Results Timeline

Month One
Month Two – Five
Month Month Six – Nine

Our Personalized Audit Report = Your Ticket to Success

  • Website User Experience Analysis
  • Mobile Friendliness Analysis
  • Duplicate/Missing Title, Descriptions Analysis
  • Call-to-action Analysis
  • URL Structure Analysis

Get our custom SEO Audit worth $1,000 for free! Unlock insights & Recommendations most paid audits miss.

  • Website User Experience Analysis
  • Mobile Friendliness Analysis
  • Duplicate/Missing Title, Descriptions Analysis
  • Call-to-action Analysis
  • URL Structure Analysis
Why Choose GrowthKnight

Result Driven Methods

Our overall strategy, approach, and all our methods are uniquely crafted to ensure your business achieves the best outcomes always.

Innovation & Creativity

In addition to tried and tested best practices, continual innovation and creative hacks are at the forefront of our efforts.


Tailor-Made Solutions

You may be facing challenges that are unique to your business. All our solutions are carefully crafted to solve your unique problems.

Trusted Partner

Customer satisfaction is the KPI that we care about the most. We value long-term partnership over short-term profit maximization.

Reporting Dashboard

All our clients get access to an interactive reporting dashboard that contains real-time analytics of ongoing initiatives.


Monthly Updates

We provide monthly reports containing key performance indicators, progress of ongoing projects, and next steps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are concise yet comprehensive answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our services, processes, values, the benefits of SEO, and much more.

While we all know that content is the foundation of SEO success, content marketing refers to a strategic approach to creating original, high-quality, and authoritative content that can boost your search engine visibility, link profile, traffic and conversions numbers, and make your brand the last word in the industry.

As opposed to aimlessly publishing a great volume of content (perhaps generated through AI!), Content marketing involves taking a more data-driven, strategic, and structured path that involves understanding a brand, defining the goals and the audience, performing keyword research, creating a content funnel, conducting content mapping, and then optimizing and/or developing content.

Content marketing is important for boosting every valuable metric associated with SEO performance. For instance, through SEO-friendly content, you can achieve: 

  • Higher search engine rankings; 
  • Higher website traffic;
  • Better lead generation; 
  • Higher conversions;
  • Increased chances of earning high-quality organic links; 
  • Greater brand authority; and much more. 

Though everyone recognizes the importance of Content marketing, not everyone can fully leverage it due to some challenges. For instance, 

  • Strategic content marketing requires an understanding of the online audience as well as the changing search engine landscape;
  • Identifying content marketing opportunities and crafting an effective roadmap required years of experience and in-depth knowledge of SEO best practices, keyword research, search patterns, etc.; 
  • Developing (researching, writing, editing, and publishing) authoritative SEO-friendly content is a time-consuming and difficult process. 

Many businesses don’t have the in-house resources to overcome these challenges and thus, can’t take advantage of Content marketing. Growth Knight serves such businesses by delivering excellent results and great value for money.

Most agencies offer customized pricing for Content marketing. Thus, the cost of Content marketing for you will depend upon the nature of your website, the current state of your content library, the amount of content you need to optimize and/or create, and the level of expertise of the agency. 

Our Managed SEO Service is a monthly subscription-based service. The subscription fee varies from project to project. Before commencing a project, we generate an action plan that clearly sets out all the deliverables for the project, the estimated timeline, the total cost of the project, and the monthly fee.

Yes, we can take care of your Content Marketing Strategy. We do not offer content writing services per se. Instead, we take care of the total strategy and content generation for your business to ensure optimum results. Schedule a meeting to learn more.

Yes, we are a custom link-building agency with solid experience and expertise in helping clients of all sizes and across almost all niches score impactful, authoritative links on a recurring basis over a long period of time to ensure they have an impeccable link profile that ensures they dominate search engine results.

However, do note that we don’t sell links in the same way as other SEO agencies do. We run real customized link-building outreach campaigns like any real webmaster would do. If you need only link-building campaigns for your business, please Schedule a meeting so that we can propose a plan for the Link building campaigns.

While we offer link-building and content marketing services separately, we specialize in Managed SEO, which takes over all aspects of SEO for your business and handles everything just like an in-house webmaster or SEO team. In addition to being the most effective way of ensuring great SEO results over the long-run, this service also ensures the best value for your money.
With us, you can leave the management of your SEO work to us. However, we will be more than happy to collaborate with your in-house team of SEOs and/or developers.
We work in almost every niche. However, we are more specialized in serving businesses that provide real goods and services. Furthermore, there are some niches where we don’t work, such as gambling, adult entertainment, niches that promote drugs and/or alcohol, niches that involve illegal activity, and a few others. Please contact us to be sure whether we can work for your business.
It totally depends on the condition of your site and your competition. When we propose an action plan for a project, we usually disclose our findings and the estimated period within which we can help you achieve your goals. Schedule a discovery meeting now, so that we can have the information we need to run the SEO content audit and present a proposal.
Yes, absolutely! Growth Knight’s team of expert content strategists, writers, and editors has long years of experience and in-depth knowledge of a wide variety of niches. Collectively, we can definitely help you out with an actionable roadmap that can show you how to leverage authoritative content to achieve SEO greatness!

We don’t offer refunds for services that we have already delivered. However, if there are any deliverables that you have already paid for but we haven’t delivered, then we will refund the amount for the undelivered deliverables. Read our refund policy for more details.

While it’s our promise that we won’t give you any reason to want to part ways with us halfway through a project, we do offer you the option to cancel your subscription, if you choose to do so for some unavoidable reason. Please inform us five business days before the next subscription date, and we will cancel the subscription for you.

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